Are Herbal or Other Dietary Supplements Safe and Effective to Treat Menopause Symptoms?

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I think for some women they can be quite effective actually there's some newest studies with fetal estrogens specifically sway that if we use sway and the appropriate doses and high enough doses that intervention can help with heart flashes. It's important to realize however that not all women will benefit from fetal oestrogen, these are like low grade plant estrogens they can help with menopause sometimes.

It's also sometimes to realize that these agents are not regulated by the FTAs somehow to medications, and so one needs to go to a reliable source for any types of this over the counter or herbal supplements, and again always just because you're taking a supplement or an herb, it is still can be medicinal and needs to be revealed with ones position to make sure that the side effects which may be associated with them are also reviewed inappropriate for that person who'staking them.

On our intake sheet, when somebody comes in my office we have two separate lists, what medicines are you taking and what supplement or herbs are you taking because they definitely are active.