What Are Some Natural Ways to Help Someone Calm Down?

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There're so many ways to help yourself calm down, and here's the thing there's no one perfect way. Find out what works for you, and have a couple of different strategies available, think of having a tool box, if you a tool box and you are building a house if you only have a hammer and your toolbox even if it's the best hammer in the world its not going to build the entire house, you need a lot of tools.

So figure out for you, what are the tools that work? For some people, it's deep breathing, or listening to music, jumping on the bed, any kind of activity. I want incline who laterally dropped in just 25 times push-ups every time she notices that her stress level is going high.

Figure out for you it works. Maybe it's watching a funny videos, or calling a friend, or texting a someone that you love them. Focusing on gratitudes, focusing on whats going well in your life, have a whole bunch of different strategies to help you calm down so that you can be happier.