What Do Antioxidants Do for the Skin?

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Antioxidants are so major right now, it's like the buzz word in skin care, dermatology, and plastic surgeons, and [xx] antioxidants not only for healthy skin and radiant glowing skin, it's actually for healing and what antioxidants do they fight or they scavenge free radicals and free radicals are just sort of very excitable particles that are floating around our bodies that when they attach to other things they cause inflammation.

And inflammation is one of those things that's thought to be one of the precursors or one of actually the foundations for premature aging. So if you have excess information then you might age a little bit faster than some of us do, and so antioxidants help to decrease that inflammation or help scavenge or fight those free radicals and therefore they're often used in skincare products and supplements and lotions and portions and creams and also found in whole foods such as green leafy vegetables and fruits.