How Can Vitamin C Help Treat Age Spots?

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Vitamin C is a very popular antioxidant and a nice thing about vitamin C is that it's contained in fruits and vegetables, most commonly citric, vegetables and fruits like lemon which I discussed on today's show. But vitamin C is antioxidant that has a skin brightening and a skin lightening effect.

So when used topically it can help to diminish the appearance of the age spots, and important thing to realize though is vitamin C can make you photosensitive, because itself, vitamin C is a light sensitive ingredient. So it's important to apply either creams containing vitamin C or if you want to use lemon juice to naturally lighten your sun spots to apply it a night time.

Because vitamin C and also citric acid which is the other common ingredient in lemons. Citric acid is an alpha hydroxy acid which is a very common exfoliant that we use even in our office when we perform chemical peels, but both vitamin C and citric acid can make the skin more sensitive so it's a good idea to apply these products and these ingredients at night time, and if you're using lemons, you should apply the lemon juice directly to your sun spots at night time, and during the day, always use a broad spectrum sunscreen because of that increased sensitivity that the lemon juice, the citric acid and alpha hydroxy acid, and the vitamin C can make you more sensitive.

So lots of sunscreen, and that will also prevent you from getting new sun spots as well.