Why Should I Avoid Artificial Sweeteners?

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Well, artificial sweeteners actually do not help us lose weight. There's been many studies showing this, that as our consumption of artificial sweeteners increases, so does our weight. And now there is new research showing that they may actually also increase our risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, this is really concerning to me.

Artificial sweeteners actually trick the body, our body is used to reacting to sweet taste. So, when it knows naturally something sweet is coming, it produces hormones that help us feel full and help us manage out blood sugar. If we consume all artificial sweetness over time the body gets confused, it tastes the sweet, but no calories come next.

So, those hormones don't work as well overtime, and so that over time when you've used, when you consume more sugar or regular sweet things that even have natural sweetness in it, like fruit or even a piece of cake, your body doesn't react as well any more. And what happens is your blood sugar isn't as well managed afterwards, and you don't feel as full or satiated after you eat those foods, it's a big concern.