When Does Stress Begin?

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We try to help people cope with stress in their daily life and we deal with stress at any age but the roots of how we respond to stress are actually grown during our earliest development: prenatal development while we're in the womb, this brain system that helps us regulate stress is partly shaped during fetal development because we want to know what kind of world we're coming and if our mother is very stressed, we want to be well adapted to that.

So we have a very fine tuned residence or we have a kind of contagion of emotion and stress between mum and the baby, so while the baby is developing if there's a lot of stress hormones in that prenatal environment, the baby is going to come out with a very sensitive temperament towards stress.

High stress reactivity and ready to cope with a harsh environment we know that maternal depression and maternal stress are affecting a baby's temperament and also rating that stress response system to be more hyper reactive. We also know that health is transmitted through the prenatal environment.

One thing that we've been setting with our colleagues at [xx] is how to how much a mum's emotional state might influence her offsprings [xx]. So turns out that feeling pregnancy, high pregnancy anxiety is associated with the new born baby [xx]. So it all starts very early and also turns out that.