What Is the Connection Between Stress and Obesity?

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It turns out that when we're stressed that really does a job on our appetite we might become even more hungry, or less hungry and the path ways for hunger and for stress are partly overlapping purposefully when we've expanded energy we want to replenish those calories, stress system in our brain is best friend with the reward system they are intertwined their tight connection is there, and when we are stressed that can increase our cravings, for highly food or drugs particularly for one of those vulnerable people and we have family history have addiction, so it turns out that when we're stressed that causes us, even people without addiction that causes us to seek extra calories and calories that are packed in with more flavor.

Bad sugar or salt and so that's what we call comfort eating, and probably most people do that even if they don't recognize it. They mean less than stressed, they're probably choosing those denser colors, and it turns out, that even in very thin people, chronic high stress that causes high [xx] causes intra-abdominal fat, causes that apple shape even if you can't see it.

So for example anorexics or very high xx that's much greater interest [xx] fat [MUSIC].