What Is Stress and Why Should I Be Concerned About It?

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Stress is a natural part of daily life. The stress response keeps us alive. It's tied up with our hard wiring so that, number one, we'll have an energetic response with immediate danger, get away from a predator, and when we are recovering from that, there's all sorts of restoric house keeping that goes on, like our appetite goes back up, and we try to repair the cells we've damaged during that acute burst, but it's a beautiful system that we've evolved, and it's essential for how we adopt to all the changing situations in our lives.

The problem arises because at this point in evolution, our stress is almost fully psychological, and so now it won't respond day after day and we don't burn off all that energy in calories that will be melted and over time just like in the machine that can get one out our body get's worn out from the stress response and those stress response systems are the first to be worked out, for example we get elevations in abnomic nervous system activities like blood pressure in quotazol the stress one on, and the part of our brain that turns off this stress response get after feed too during formatic or chronic stress.