What Are the Therapies for Stress?

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People need to find the type of stress management that works for them the best and for some people they are avid exercisers and they can't do without it. It's a positive addiction and boy! That real works to dampen down the stress of fun and body up. There is a whole world of mind body activities, that are accessible are to people ideally locally with personal plus, but certain through the web and through tapes.

And what's so important about these mind body activities is that they actually have us pay attention to what's down there under the net and we usually just ignore the body. Turns out it's amazing and important source of information, information about our emotional state and where we're holding tension and just attending to the body, helps us reduce physiological stress around it, so it can even reduce cravings in people with addiction.

So there's something called a body scan where you're trained to pay attention to the body. And that's as good starting step for people. But there's a whole range of mind-body exercises, like yoga and Tai-chi and Qigong that have been refined over many thousands of years. They come to us from the east.

And they help a lot of people. They're more of a semantic mind-body way, rather than a talking way or a therapy way of helping people feel better, feel content, feel at peace.