Can You Repair a Telomere?

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The telomere length is actually not a one way street. When you examine the cell in culture, you find that well, the telomere shortens when you add a stressor like free radicals, hydrogen peroxide when you buffer that environment with an antioxidant like Vitamin C, you don't get the shortening.

The fundamental system that actually repairs the telomere and lengthens it is this enzyme telomeris and Elizabeth Blackburn and colleagues discovered this enzyme around 30 years ago they started this work and they were studying a single cell organism tetra hyena and they found that when you block out the teromeres, the DNA shorten and that cell dies, Telomeres can immortalize for example the cancer cells, Telomeres is a very high and can cause cancer cells go on and on dividing.

So we know Telomeres is a double edged sword, if it's a cancer cell you don't want it to be high, if it's one of our typical aging cells, you want it to be high.