How Does Stress Affect Our Self-Control When It Comes to Eating?

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No one wants to be obese. We have a solution that we have four control of our behavior, and we shape our society around that, we give people all the choices of types of food, and we expect them to eat healthy food, but the problem is when those choices are actually constrained by finances, people eat on the junk food or fast food and horrifying neighborhood where people don't have the full range of choices and that is one big factor, when you lay on top of that stress, people can't make good decision under stress, they make good decision that serve them in short run that's how we are wired, so the dense calories that taste better cravings that need to be served in the short run, those are what win, when we're stressed.

Stress also increases inclusivity. What happens during stress is, that our break on self control, is weakened, and our impulsive drive is strengthened,. It's a really good formula, for over eating and over eating the foods you don't wanted to be eating.