What Is the Link Between Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy with estrogen alone probably does not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer. The problem is that most women get combined hormone replacement therapy, to reduce their risk risk of uterine cancer, and as a result of that there is an increased risk of breast cancer.

So a woman has to go to her doctor and re-evaluate if she's on hormone replacement therapy, while she's on that Hormone Replacement Therapy. There are many different reasons why women are put on initially, it was thought to mitigate risk to the heart, which it really does not do.

It was thought to be good for bone density, yes it's good for that but there are other medications which can also accomplish that they don't have an increased breast cancer risk. The main reason why women in today's day and age still go on hormone replacement therapy is for menopausal-type side effects, which can be quite difficult to manage.

Hot flushes, virginal dryness things like that. And so there's still substantial numbers of women who feel that they need hormone replacement therapy to function in day to day life. That's probably okay for a limited period of time, if they're willing to accept that there is no free ride, and that there is some increased risk of breast cancer albeit a minimal one.