What Is Recovery Like After Breast Cancer Surgery?

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The recovery can be quite variable depending  on what kind of reconstruction someone has had, most women in the country get what's called Implant Based Reconstruction and that actually doesn't add much on to the overall recovery, the masectomy, the surgery itself were done by an experienced team is about four hours or so to do both sides, probably about three hours to do one side.

Most women when they do both sides stay overnight in the hospital two nights many women ho have just one side down just stay over in the hospital one night, most women are very noble after the surgery they can get up out of bed and go to the bathroom by themselves eat and drink the next day, so its not terribly debilitating in terms of their activities of daily living.

It may be hard to drive within the first week or so after surgery. The other kind of reconstruction that's offered which involves taking tissue from another part of the body, and transferring it to fill in the empty space, most commonly it's done from the belly its called a DIEP Flap, DIEP, and the TRAM Flap.

These are procedures that require much more significant recovery in large part because you're really having essentially major abdominal surgery at the same time that you're having the breast surgery, and the fact is that these operations are longer, they can be up to eight hours even longer, 10 hours, 12 hours etcetra.

And so this involves usually and typically a longer hospital stay a longer recovery because you do use your abdominal muscles a lot for mobility and so the fact that you have a large incision on the belly definitely interferes with recovery or prolongs recovery.