Are There Alternatives Therapies to Breast Cancer Surgery Like Chemotherapy?

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Chemotherapy and radiation are generally involved with the treatment of breast cancer particularly invasive breast cancer but those usually come after surgery, some women actually do have chemotherapy first to try and shrink the cancer to give a better result for surgery. There are some women with slightly larger cancers who would like to have a lumpectomy if they could and for some of those patients an attempt can be made to give chemotherapy first to shrink the cancer down which could then facilitate or enable the woman to have a lumpectomy instead of a masectomy so that's one approach, we call that neo-adjuvant chemotherapy when chemotherapy is given first.

Today, there're really are no holistic treatments that have been proven to work in lieu of standard conventional treatment it would probably take months to determine whether or not those treatments have worked. Only to find out afterwards, they have not which then delays standard treatments