What Should I Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal?

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Before you have laser hair removal, you should know that your skin should be in great condition. Well hydrated, the skin should be shaved, not waxed because you need the hair present but short. Don't have a sun tan in that area because that will increase your risk of a burn. Also make sure that you see the doctor to determine if you're really a good candidate and to know what settings will give you the best and safest results.

My favorite and I think the most effective areas for laser hair removal are areas, like the lower legs below the knees, the under arms and the bikini. The harder areas but still worthwhile areas can be the face. If you have a lot of hair growth on your face, especially if its coarse, you might need to be evaluated for an underline hormonal condition, and if you remove the hair, you could be masking that condition, and that can be somehow problematic.

So it works great in those areas but ideally lower legs, under arms, bikini, perfect.