What Can I Do to Improve My Jowls and Chin?

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When someone walks into my office and they sit in that chair, I can tell so much about them and I can really tell when they hold in their emotions because often times they grind their teeth and they end up with jowls and lines above the lip and if I ask them to open their mouths, sometimes I can even see that the teeth have grinded down because they've grinded their teeth for so long they've worn down their back teeth.

If you do that, or if you're missing teeth on the back, your cheeks will sink in because the teeth aren't supporting and you'll look more gaunt. In the old days, people used to do that to actually have more cheek structure but we've better ways of doing that now. So one thing is to not have your teeth touch or to get a night guard from your dentist that allows that space between your upper and lower teeth so that you don't grind them down.

We can do some botox in the jaw line muscle called the masseter. This is the big muscle for chewing and sometimes I have women clench, just stick their teeth together hard and it sticks out because they're grinding so hard. One other big rule is don't chew gum, that's a big problem in terms of those muscles over growing making your jaw look too square, and as you get older, that looks really more masculine, and can make you look older as well, and more jowly.

So fillers can help by balancing out the jaw line, by adding some volumes, but a lot of it comes down to just something as simple as a night guard, and, and not having your teeth touch.