Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

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Laser hair removal is very safe, but there's a few rules. One is ideally you won't have a sun tan. Two is the darker the hair, the lighter the skin, the better the results and the safer the treatment. Everyone who's having laser hair removal should be evaluated by their dermatologist to make sure that they're good candidates and so they know to shave the area ahead of time.

I always do the settings for the laser for my patients, so I know exactly what they're getting and I can monitor both to give them the best results and make sure that they don't get a burn. Everyday in my practice, I see people who try to cut corners and go by price instead of by treatment and having it done right and those burns can leave scars and can last a lifetime.

So, it is really important to know exactly which laser you're having done. What body area is being treated and the amount of energy that's being used is being determined by the physician.