How Can I Treat My Forehead Wrinkles?

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Forehead wrinkles can be very annoying, and this is one of the earliest concerns women have. So women in their 20s often come in saying they see the lines in their forehead, they are concerned that it's showing signs of aging, and what this comes from is partly a bad habit of raising your brows all the time as I just did and sometimes people who are thinkers, or who want to be expressive and to animate, will furrow their brows, raise their brows, and after a while it becomes just a bad habit.

So one is just to be aware of when you're doing that and trying not to. Sometimes it's because the brows can drop as we age, and we actually have to use our forehead muscles to lift our brows and hold them out of our eyes so our eyelids don't feel so heavy. A little bit of Botox can help this area but it has to be done very gently by someone who's an experienced injector because it's a tricky area and when you can tell someone has had Botox, it's usually the forehead that gives it away.

And two is looks for products that contain retinol and hyaluronic acid. Retinol is forming and it's great for fine lines and wrinkles and hyaluronic acid is very hydrating without making you break out. You can find them in the same products. Retinol is better used at night and of course sunscreen makes a very big difference.