Why Does Lighter Skin Wrinkle More Than Darker Skin?

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Scientists have finally cracked the case sign wrinkles, and it's not like what they thought. For years dermatologists have known that women over 50 lighter skin wrinkles sooner than darker skin. What they didn't know was why? Brand new research now proves it's not as your gym loss.

The long suspected cause but actually melanin. The extra melanin in darker skin may provide extra protection against wrinkles. But, if you've lighter skin, what can you do to to stall down wrinkles in your 50's and beyond? Let me show you why this is such grand breaking material, welcome Tammy to the show.

Thank you. So, you got here two containers this one represents a typical skin at a microscopic level of women who are light skinned white skinned, and these here represents a darker skin women's skin, that make sense? Yes. Okay, now when you expose yourself to UV radiation which with that just what go and hold that.

And once you see how white they are put it right there the cell changes their color, can you all appreciate that? It didn't just change it because of the light, it literally is changing the way these cells are behaving, and they're getting darker and darker and darker and darker as you get closer to [xx] its dark red have been which color that's when damage of the skin looks like due to UV radiation.

Now, lets go to the dark skinned example, now here you get melanin, you just got be [xx] to protect her which we never thought as important as before, and it's not just about the aging we found about but it's also you got this protected remove the light now, and watch what happens.

These cells have stayed the same. See their is a huge difference now when there was non before all because the light skin was able to absorb the UV radiation which ended up being toxic to it. So, Dr. Taylor, what do think about that? Tammy, thank you very. I think its wonderful, it shows the power of melanin, and I often see these beautiful black women who are older, and you compliment them on their skin, and they say black don't crack honey and now we know why because of the power of melanin, and the limited sun exposure but it's a terrific settings that shows the benefit of minimizing sun exposure because white women skin wrinkled more and wrinkled earlier.

But, I'm very concerned about this because I don't want black women to hear this news and say, oh, I don't need to protect my skin from the sun. Even though white women are 22 times more times likely to get, melanoma the worst form of skin cancer, black women are less likely to get diagnosed early, and their survival rates are much lower than in white women.

Does it make difference at all you think? I have a whole different take on this because just like you've shown very beautifully with that, when we're born our skin has certain things in it, and as skin is going to wrinkle and aging we need to stop embracing that as well so we don't have to fight getting older.

As we grow, as long as we protect our skin it's going to do whatever it is going to do anyway. So, we have to do whether you're black or white is to wear sun screen, use moisturizes because your skin is going to do what it was pre-programmed to do genetically no matter what, that's the way that the cell cycle goes.

Not no matter what. You can do bad things to your skin [xx]. What I'm saying is this, protect your skin, and if you do it uniformly, then it would be better than if you didn't protect it, but across the board is. One thought on this, can we even talk a lot about vitamin D, and how important it is for everybody.

And I think it's critical that we recognize the value of the sun as well. Here's what I do. I think you had to put some back on your face, the back of your hands, the part of your body you're most worried about getting too much sun exposure, and then let the rest of your body enjoy the sun a few minutes, a few times a week.

So, you get the vitamin D you need, you wont get long lasting damage that way, and most of our butts do pretty good, and they don't see the sun ever, because a little bit of sun exposure might not change that beautiful appearance.