What Are the Treatment Options for Dandruff?

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Dandruff is that white slicky stuff that falls from your scalp, it's very embarrassing and plagues millions of Americans. What this is, it's caused by either bacteria or yeast that live in the scalp and they feed on the sebum or the fatty oily substance produced by the sculp, of course there are many commercial products and shampoos that you can use to try to control dandruff and even some prescription products, but one home remedy that's very popular and seems to be very effective is just a mixture of half vinegar using ideally apple cider vinegar but regular vinegar works as well and half water.

To do this put it in a spray bottle spray your scalp thoroughly, massage it in really well just like you would do a shampoo, and let me check is to wrap a towel like a turbine on your hair for about 20 minutes, leave it in and then shower and shampoo as you normally would. It should show result within the first three days and then just for maintenance you can do