Is There a Natural Remedy for Coughs?

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One of the big exciting things in the world of over the counter medical treatments is that dark chocolate has been shown to be more effective in over the counter cough preparations in the treatment and suppression of coughs. Not only that, another study showed that one to two ounces of dark chocolate every four hours was more effective in suppressing cough than coding, which is a narcotic that we often recommend offer people with severe cough.

So this is a tasty helpful way to deal with your cough, what is in the dark chocolate, no it's not a placebo effect, its an ingredient in dark chocolate called fiobromine, which is one of the flavonoids in dark chocolate. Of course anyone needs to remember that if they have a cough that persists for 7 to 10 days, or if it's a productive cough and you're having yellowish or greenish sputum, it's time to call your doctor.