Is the 5-Second Rule True?

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It was the shock around the world in the medical community, is the 5-second rule untrue? How dirty can food really get when it touches the ground? As long as you pick it up within 5-seconds, it's as safe it was before it ever hit the floor, right? Well, a new study may put an end to the five second rule.

Scientists at Clemson University found that contamination can happen instantaneous way and they are pushing for a 0-second rule. Other researchers however have proven just the opposite finding that some food can actually remain germ free for as long as a minute, so who should you believe? What's the real dirt? Alright.

Dr Taylor 5-second rule okay or not? When I was younger, food would drop, I'd kiss it and hold it up to the sky, it's the one and done rule for me, if it drops on the floor once, I'm not eating it. I'm in the garbage. I think this is like everything a mother ever told you it's true, it doesn't matter whether it drops, no matter what drops and where it drops.

The fact is there's a hundred million bacteria in your mouth and on a toilet seat, there is 49 per square inch. But some you can tell,[xx]. And I want to tell you this. Look, if you drop something and there was a doggy poo down there before, if you pick it up, there is still doggy poo on it.

You don't eat it. [xx] you are a pediatrician, [xx] probably the kids getting exposed to infections once in a while when they were young. Take your children to day care so they can get involved that way, then. I get middle of different bias here we got billions is the bacteria in our gut billions of them and that is heck of a lot more than the bacteria you pick up from dropping something or take a sponge in your kitchen has less than 10% of the bacteria you've got in your gut.

So think about that compares to [xx] and makes people a lot more safe and for my family, it's a pretty simple rule, if I saw it fall, it's okay, it's back in plate. I'm not coming to your the house..