Is Seafood From the Gulf Safe to Eat?

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Next biggest story of the summer the oil spill in the Gulf. Here's the question is your fish safe to eat? It's been called the worst environmental disaster in our history. More than a 170 millions of gallons of crude oil gashing into the warm waters of the coast of Louisiana. It wasn't long before the damage the wildlife and marine life became painfully obvious.

As oil sneak birds struggle survive and dead fish lost the show. Taking no chances the government close the fishing nearly 90000 sq miles, and is only now slowly reopening the waters. The Gulf of Mexico is famous for its sweet oysters, shrimps, and fish but is sea food from the Gulf really safe.

Would you put it on your plate? Dr. Beret, we bet in the roll in you are from that beautiful city, are you affected by this? From line of this spill what do you think about the oil and fish? I will tell you a taste a nice juicy sweet shrimp. I have to say is this oily like Olive oil, or is this oil like from BP but if they are honest.

How could if there is an airplane crash the safest time to fly is the day after that the way you used to feel about this. The NVA has gone through way, so many studies, and so many test to makes sure this is safe. People this is love our food, embrace our food because I'm telling you, you can't get long without it can't do it, eat it.

And I'm in a short term. But, we don't know what the implications are for the long term. Also shrimp aren't real, and they are credentials and they don't absorb as much a bigger fish like tuna or mackerel. And I love to go the Gulf coast North [xx] as well but I think the American people aren't psychologically scarred because we're told something is safe, and then you'll later choose later it's like you should not have been eating that.

So, there're a lot of mixed messages. [xx]. Most people don't know where the fish is coming from. I want to push you out a little bit on what you do for your families but let me show everybody what has she done. This is how you actually test. This is what fish or [xx], there's fish as well and the FBA and the national shanick[sp?] and the administration actually do testing on this boobs.

What the do is actually free the first part is the stiff test. So, they're wrapped up, though is doesn't smell oily to me, if it smells like it's car it's not good, right? The next thing, that's part one, then part too is they cook the food, and they sniff it again and guess what, they also taste it.

Also you don't want to taste any oil. Oil because it's like an oil slip, you don't want that in your mouth, and then finally the eggs take the flesh of the Crustaceans, and they analyse it in the laboratory for any remaining traces of oil. And fishes as it turns out, are remarkably either its breaking down a lot of the contaminants in their bodies.

Not just because we have oils, but there're other toxins again in them as well. But, let me mention this, why does this fish comes from other countries? Fish that we all eat everyday. So, the [xx] thing a lot of tension Collie, I think you're absolutely. Okay.