How Can I Treat a Callus Myself?

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Most of us have had Callus either on our hand from doing hard work or sports or on the bottoms of our feet, of course for feet the best thing for Callus is to wear socks and prevent them in the first place with well fitting shoes, but once you get them, what can you do to them? Although some over the counter product that you can buy in the grocery store, or your pharmacy, or you can use products that are easily available in your kitchen.

One product would be making a paste or a [xx] out of [UNKNOWN]. You take four [xx] sticks, grind them up into a potties, and add about a tea spoon of sesame oil, or you can use petroleum jelly. Rub that thoroughly onto the affected area, cover it with a nonabsorbent bandage like a telfa.

Maybe put on a sock overnight, and let it just sleep there and repeat as necessary till the enzymes in the liquorish breaks down the colors. The type of liquorish you want to use will be actual liqourish[sp] sticks that you would get in a natural foods store, you don't want to use a candy liquorish, but if you got a black chewing liquorish that was organic from a health food store, that would do which it doesn't have a higher concentration as the actual sticks of liquorish.