Can Certain Foods Alleviate Pain?

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There are no foods that can alleviate pain, but there are some approaches to how you eat and more importantly how you drink that can help you manage your pain. Chronic pain management is a complete menu of therapeutic options and what we want to do is try to approach each aspect of pain management.

So food number one, most people who have back pain, hip pain or other joint pains do better when, if they're overweight at all if they loose weight. Not if they get back to where they were in highschool, but even if they only loose 5-10 pounds, this of course is physiocycle for most people with chronic pain because they tend to have decreased mobility and decreased ability to exercise. It's important to work with your doctor and your physical therapist to find out what exercises is alright for you and what you can do.

As far as food the typical comfort foods tend to be pro inflammatory, which means they increase your pain, so all of the processed sugars, starches, cakes, cookies, ice cream. Ben and Jerrys is not a pain medication but many people use it that way similarly many people turn to alcohol for pain management and what may take care of the pain initially at the outset or dull the pain, it certainly doesn't work well with your pain medicines, it certainly doesn't work well with your sleep medicines, and its not good for your overall health, so those are the foods to avoid.

What foods should you approach and eat more of? What we're looking for are antioxidant benefits and it'll Omega 3 fatty acids, so eat all the fish you want except for canned tuna, because I'm more worried about mercury and that's a whole another story. The focus on your semen, your scallops, your halibut and other fish are very good, at least two servings per week.

Then look to your beans, soybeans ate a mung, navy beans, kidney beans extra. And another spice that can be very helpful for decreasing information is turmeric I put this in soups, salads even eggs and of course stir fries.