Can a Lack of Adequate Sleep Harm My Health?

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Two out of every three women say they're having problems sleeping, today, I'm giving the women of America health, get ready for your wake-up-call I have been suffering with Insomnia for at least eight years, It's a national epidemic, I don't sleep, I' tired to bed took last night, affecting women of all ages in every corner of the country and I have heard from 1000s of you and they spoke in Twitter, we even emailed us in the middle of the night, all of you desperate with a good night sleep, I can't sleep something he wait two months to about the stressful things, You toss you're tired, you stare at the clock, I don't know what that will mean nothing you do seems to help, I've tried everything, warm milk shared all the skin, there is nothing left helping me.

Nearly 70% change of the American woman are struggling to cope wit a lack of sleep with devastating effects and virtually every aspect of your waking life It's a good thing I don't have any work today
To get your back on track for your best tip ever, I created Dr. Rozes get back to sleep plan because I won't rest until we put America back to sleep,
You are wise is this aim for night it may help you get back to sleep is women health expert doctor Danik Camore, it just a spokesperson for the national sleep foundation.

What is going on, why are women not sleeping, Well,  there is a many many reasons however since sleep disturbances are so much more common in women and men we look at hormones as the culprit, of course many medical problems can cause sleep disturbances but also what we call the second shift so all the additional responsibilities that women classically have at home and as care takers whether of young children or old children, this can also interfere terribly with your sleep.

Let me explain why we even need sleep and why we spend a third of our life not conscious. Well, this is when our body fuels up and if we look at the car as an analogy, this is the equivalent of a tune up, the oil change and getting gas, this when your body repairs itself and prepares for the next day.

All at once, as a doctor I'll tell you right now but also as a father and a husband, I worry about this a lot. Women are not getting enough sleep and it's harming your health, Jacky, like many of you is one of the women who just can not fall asleep, thanks for joining us Jacky. Why are you up all night, what's going on?

You know I've teenagers, the different times that they go to the bathroom when the phone calls, text messages that come in late and just intrinsically inside of me trying to unwind an let go of all the things that I did do or I didn't get to do and it's very hard to get to sleep and then When I do, I kind of pop out of it, it's like my consciousness won't let me go to sleep, I can't turn my brain off.

I might heard the story, you just articulated and so many of our viewers I can't tell you. I want Jacky and all of retired women like her to share the truth about how sleep affects your health. Jacky would you mind in the first of our volunteers step into the truth booth today, let's talk about your sleep issues, come on up.

Let's start with the very fundamental question that everyone should be asking themselves, how many hours a night do you sleep?

 No more than four. No more than four.  No more than four. For the tough of what you need. Roughly good, and when you take a normal or four hours of sleep, what's your mood like the next day.  Somewhere around three or four o'clock I start to feel that heaviness starting that decline, and by the time I get home I feel like a 55 year woman when I'm done.

So, women are not sleeping five hours at least what is the pay? What is the penalty of it?

The biggest health penalty is surprising most women don't do not even associated with free deprovision and that's waking and this of course contributes to all the health problems that we talk about on this show Even one night of in adequate sleep it cause you to eat more than excess, but chronic insomnia can cause late night vengaging and also parking on the pounds we also know causes you a crave carbohydrates.

Well, that's not the only thing I worry about [xx] big one, lack of sleep also causes another that worries me a lot, it can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. No difference at all, the sam level of reduction in your alertness, same inability to make difficult decisions, the same response time slowing down one in six fatal car accident in America is associated with people who are not sleeping well and they are tired, and it's frightening information, I hope that it's shocking you a little bit?

It definitely is. And the reason I want every woman out there to get some sleep is because it dramatically changes things and as a doctor I realised that we just sometimes miss we both don't get that message out there. Thank you very much. Thank you. I appreciate. Thank you.