How Can Negative Thoughts Affect Me?

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Negative thoughts can affect our health because negative thoughts depress us. They actually attack our immune system and they break it down and I say this a lot of time to people who have heard themselves, they've hurt their legs, they've hurt their backs and they go around saying oh, my back hurts, oh back hurts, as opposed to, my back is healing itself, my back is healing itself, now remember what I said, 90% mental can present physical, so if your thoughts are my body is healing, the body has no other choice but to heal so, you will heal quicker by saying I am healing.

Now there's research, there's all kinds of research that can show us that studies that cancer patients have actually gotten better because of the state of mind that they're in, if they are in a positive state of mind they heal better. When Doctors talk to you they always try to talk to you in a positive frame and they don't like to give you the bad news right away because they want to see if you can repair yourself and the way we do that is with out thoughts, with our minds.