Can Being Positive Make Me Healthier?

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Being positive will always make you healthier, it will put you in a better mood. Even if you walk around smiling do you know that smiling kicks of endorphin in your brain that helps you to stay positive? Do you ever try having a fight while smiling? You can't do it. You cannot be angry if you're smiling, you should try it.

Changing your thoughts change your life, it's not just getting what you want, it's not just getting the guy you want or quantum physics tells us that like attracts like, so if we're being positive we are putting ourselves in a positive framework, and we're believing in life being wonderful and what happens is we attract wonderful things to our lives, we attract the wonderful people that are going to help us to achieve our goals because we are not going to do it alone, we need others, so want to attract the people that will believe in us.