Dr. Diane Harper - How do I protect myself from human papillomavirus (HPV)?

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Each pevious of virus that is just part of the human condition, we get it by touching each other but we have to touch each other as human beings, so how to prevent getting HPV infection is becomes difficult because there is no known way that you can absolutely prevent yourself from ever getting a HPV infection, the use of condoms during sexual activity, the use of dental derms during oral sex are possible ways of reducing the amount of HPV that is transmitted, but it's not fore proof and it's not going to completely prevent you from getting HPV infection.

Another way you can protect yourself from getting am HPV is being really choosy about who you choose as a partner, we know that the more partners you have the greater the chance of you having HPV infections, so think about, think about who you want to be with, and think about who you want to share yourself with, that is becoming important decision for your risks of HPV infections.