Who Is a Good Candidate for X-Ray Guided Interventional Therapy?

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People who are good candidates for any type of intervention procedure are people who have very focal [xx] we know where the pain is, we know what the cause of the pain is and we can treat it, someone who has fybromyalgia is not the ideal candidate for this type of procedure, of cause paint as important, but there it'snot ideal for a few reasons they have white spread paints.

There is not one white nerve that can block the entire system. Sunkened becauses they have a lower threshold of feeling pain and sometimes having this procedure can itself cause more pain to them or more distress so, it's usually got to be somebody who has a sense of the procedure itself and wants to go forward, does not mind having an [xx] procedure [xx] risk and benefit and that they also have something that probably will benefit from having risk procedure, in terms of other things that we are concerned about, we worry about people who have bleeding dis order you don't want to have a needle in the spine and then have bleeding in the spine itself, you don't want to have somebody who is very likely to have an infection, so somebody who already has an infection at the moment or somebody is very pre disposed to having one, and we also consider people who have cognitive problems, you have to consider that very carefully for example I treat a lot of people with all timers disease and some other types of dementia.

So of course if someone has all timers disease just because they can't remember the pain that they had yesterday, it doesn't mean that the pain is not important, we'll still want to treat it, but there is a fine line you want to treat peoples pain but you also want to make sure or the person is aware enough of whats happening that if they have a problem they can immediately alert someone.

Because especially when you're doing this delicate work in the spine there is a potential for having a bleed or having an infection, and we need people to be able to respond to that pretty quickly.