What's an Inexpensive Treatment for Muscle Aches?

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If you're looking for cheap, fast pain solutions that cost less than $10, look no further. Our pain panel's back with their top fix, we're also with Dr. Debbie so what's your cheap solution for pain. I recommend Heal Prism Oil is derived from strawflower and it tends to help people with a lot of muscle tension and anxiety.

Have to diluted it and then apply it to the tense muscles. So how do you dilute? In another oil or in water? Oh in water. So you basically only want a small amount of the Heal Prism Oil, you have some water in there and then you rub it on the areas that are more tense. I wouldn't recommend putting it on the face even if people have headache and stuff just because they can't get into the eyes.

And where do you find this? Well this can be found at health food stores especially a patient who told me about it first. I love that. [LAUGH] You know when you tell us things we do remember them. It helps a lot. Yeah. I wonder where they heard is this the solution used in parts of the world? It's used in Africa, it has been used there for centuries so.

Very very, that'll bring it to us, thank you.