What Steps Should I Take to Manage Chronic Pain Effectively?

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They do tell people when we first meet for chronic pain that, what are their goals in terms of relaxation what are they trying to do and the more specific the goals the better, because if people just say they want to have less pain, that's fair enough that's a valid goal, but it's very hard to measure, it's very hard to know if you are making progress and it may or may not be realistic. But if someone says that my goal is to be able to go unromantic walks with my wife but the sciatic is stopping me then we can kind of tailor the treatment so that the person might be able to do something that's is fun.

And even if the pain itself doesn't change that much, at least if they can do the things that they want to do, and they can relax more and they can do those things, their overall quality of life make a lot.