What Risks, If Any, are There for Using Medical Marijuana?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] It's hard to talk about the risk definitively just because there hasn't been as much research about Medical Marijuana. Its been illegal for so long. But the things that we think about so, for example in short term it can affect people's thinking. So they might be a little bit sedated they might be confused but that depends.

The other things we think about are the evidence that, it might contribute to heart disease. So in people who are younger it's generally been safe, but we don't know the actual effect of marijuana on people who are a little bit older. So let's say somebody who is 70 years old with chronic hip arthritis.

The other things we worry about are how people are actually using the medical Marijuana, so if somebody is inhaling it, he might actually be at risk for the same thing as somebody who is smoking cigarette they could have asthma, they can develop other breathing problems. So these are the things to keep in mind we don't for sure what it actually does.

And of course there is the controversy about Marijuana in general not specifically medical Marijuana that is the controversy that maybe a gateway drug to other types of drugs.