What Progress Have We Made in Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)?

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We've made some progress in brain injury, we're understanding a little bit more about what causes brain injury and we're getting better treatments in terms of helping people to adapt to their environments afterwards, actually for mild to traumatic brain injury the smart phones are wonderful device, so they can help people who have problems that are more cognitive in nature.

They can help them with their memory, their attention to be able to get places, to be able to plan out their day can help with a lot of executive functioning. So I actually think smart phone is some of the adopted technology. It's great for people with mild traumatic brain injury. For moderate traumatic brain injury the advances are also being made forward so that people actually survive with some of these moderate to severe brain injuries where in the past they might not have survived, so that's actually in the works.

But in terms of cures or treatments that would help immediately, that we're still lacking a lot of that, but people are working on it.