What Causes Shoulder Bursitis?

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So shoulder bursitis is an inflammation of the burster which is a cushion in the shoulder. Sometimes they can on just for no reason but usually is because you've been using the shoulder a lot, and certain activities have aggravated or inflamed that burster. So the most common reason that people get bursitis is because their acromion which is basically a bone that's over here, right in the shoulder it gets some wear and tear over time, and it becomes a little bit jugged, so as you do different activities like if you're lifting things in a cupboard, if you're doing a lot of over head activities, that sharp edge starts to irritate the buster or the cushion that's located next to it, and as it kind of sores into that cushion, it gets inflamed and people start to have shoulder pain. So most commonly when people have bursitis they have that pain when they trying to do things overhead or when they are trying to pick things up from high above.