What Are Natural Treatments for Pain?

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Magnesium is a good natural substance to use for pain. We think that magnesium relaxes the muscles which can often become tense when you have chronic pain. So magnesium, you want to take at least 300-400 mg per day and it can be found at natural sources such as Kinwa, Blackbeans, and pumpkin seed. Anybody with chronic pain should talk to a doctor about getting a physical therapy regimen or exercise regimen, it doesn't mean that you have to be in continuous physical therapy, but at least if you have a home exercise regimen that you can do, that will help you to keep muscles stretched out and strong, that's what usually protects the back,

it unloads the back, it unloads the joints, it actually can help long term with pain. All of these other things whether it's medications, pain patches, or supplements actually can help in the short term, but what you want to do is really have a pattern of diet and exercise that makes for healthy living.

We've actually found that diet factors a lot into pain relief. If people have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and these other conditions that affect the small blood vessels that go to the discs of the back or to the joints, it actually can interfere with healing and cause pain to become worse.

So you want to do things that would cause those blood vessels to be open. So anything that improves high blood pressure, anything that improves your cholesterol will also in the long term help with pain.