Is It True That We Don't Manage Pain Very Well?

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I think, overall people are becoming more knowledgeable about pain and trying to do more. I think there are three different issues with pain, there's under treatments of acute pain. A lot of times when someone comes to the ER with one condition, people will try to treat the cause, which is the appropriate route to take, but they may not give the person something to help them with their pain while they're looking for the cause.

The second problem is, sometimes, I'm going to say, overtreatment, it's not exactly over treatment, but we have a problem with prescription drugs in this country also. So that sort of where somebody comes in with pain, and maybe it's being over medicalised or treatments that are causing the more harm are being used, and the treatment is sort of, or the third issue is where there's a mismatch between the pain and the appropriate treatment for that, or best type of way for prescribing medication or using a procedure.