How Do You Make a Chronic Pain Diagnosis?

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Chronic pain is self reported so if the patient comes in saying that they've had pain for three months or more, then we consider them to have chronic pain if they've had the usual treatments for that condition. Somebody has chronic pain for three months but they never sort out treatment and never tried anything, then I wouldn't necessarily categorize it as chronic pain.

People also often think about coexistence conditions. So if someone has a chronic condition for example arthritis, but it's not really disrupting their life, it's not causing them a problem we wouldn't necessarily say they have chronic pain, they might and then we would agree. But if they say that they have this painful condition that is preventing them from doing the things that they like to do, it's affecting them at work, it's affecting them at home, it's affecting their mood, then we would consider that chronic pain because it's creating distress on the person who has it and it's affecting their life.