How Do Pain Patches Work to Treat Pain?

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Well, I like pain patches because they're like a storage device. So they hold different medications inside them. Now, the ones I like are the anti-inflammatory pain patches because you put them on the shoulder or you can put them in other areas that hurt and basically that medication gets delivered from the patch into the area that hurts.

So the benefit of a patch is that because it only works on the area that you put it on, you don't have to worry about a lot of side effects. When you take medications like pills for example, they go through the gut, they get digested and then they get absorbed into the blood which affects the entire body, it circulates through the entire body.

Well, there are different medications inside the pain patches. So the over the counter ones you might see it turn and have a difficult time deciding what to get, but the ones that are FTA approved have a combination of menthol which helps numb the pain, and an anti-inflammatory drug called methylsalicylic acid, that helps fight inflammations in the shoulder.

Now the combination of those drugs is what helps people to function. So it's certain patches you can buy different sizes. Sometimes I recommend that people try the smaller patches and put a couple on or tape them ons they don't fall off. The larger patches can be harder to put on especially on a curved surface like the shoulders.