How Can Stem Cell Research Advance Pain Treatment?

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Stem cells treatment is in the pipeline, there are three types of stem cells treatments. So, the treatments are aimed at reproducing what the body normally does to heal. So, for example, if you get a cut or gush on your arm, a couple of different things happened. First there are platelets which are clotting factors in the body that go right to that wound, and those platelets actually attract your body's natural stem cells to the area, and that causes healing.

The other thing is that there're other chemicals or products in the body called Fibrin and Throm bin which go to that area where the gush is, and those form sort of like a matrix that basically allows everything else to build on them to heal. So, that's another thing that's in the pipeline and then the stem cells itself, people are trying now just to directly inject themselves into an area where there's a wound and see if it heal.

The way to think about stem cells is that they are essentially the bodies kind of I guess kids, you know how we have kids or children who they could become anything, they could become a reporter, they could become doctors, they could become pilots, so it's the same thing in the bodies.

Stem cells can become anything and there's an army of stem cells essentially in the bone marrow. So, when there's an injury to any part of the body the stem cells get sent to that area, and then take over the functions. If they go to the bone, they become bone. If they go the skin they become skin, and in this case they're using stem cells and the disc in the spine and elsewhere to try and replace the cells that have already damaged.