Can Untreated Chronic Pain Trigger Other Conditions, Such as Sleep Problems and Depression?

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If somebody has chronic pain, then it can affect their sleep, of course because the pain can wake them up at night even if they don't wake up completely certain positions maybe uncomfortable as they may not get restful sleep, at the same time if somebody doesn't have good sleep that can make pain worse.

Anybody even if they don't have chronic pain, if they don't sleep for a night the next day they feel kind of achy, if they feel sore they don't feel totally to top. Even this happens to us, Johanna rested in sea so anybody who doesn't sleep well is going to have some type of discomfort the next day.

If it becomes a chronic sleep problem, or a chronic pain then the two can kind of feed off each other. And depression also falls into the same category where depression can affect your sleep, lack of sleep can cause depression and the three together is kind of a very unhealthy triad. So we try, actually if somebody has those three problems, to attack each separately.

So to focus on the pain in terms of what's causing the pain let's see what we can we do for it and then try to also have the patient do various strategies or even perhaps meet with a specialist to try to find out what's causing their sleep problem and then treat that and same thing to also treat the depression.

It might be that one is causing the other two, but the better thing to do if a person has all three is just try to treat all three at the same time.