What is Latisse (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic)?

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Latisse is an FDA approved product that grows eyelashes. And what it does is, it increases the growth cycle of your eyelashes. So when they would normally fall out, it extends the growth cycle so the lashes don't fall out so you get longer thicker lashes. So the way Latisse works is it comes in a liquid and what I instruct my patients to do is, you take the liquid and you pour it out into the cup and then you deep the brush into the cup and then you apply your Latisse the way you would apply an eyeliner.

Just at the base of the upper lashes. Though directions state that you use it at night, but I recommend that people use it during the day. Because if you use it at night you can roll around on your pillow it can actually irritate your eyes. So I think it's actually better to use it during the day and you just use it once a day on the upper lashes not on the lower lashes.