What Are Some Negative Effects of Technology on Kids?

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Now what happens when your child is doing electronics? Besides how it's stimulating the brain and I consider it a stimulant like caffeine stimulant, but it's also is what are they not doing when they are doing this? They're not learning how to be social with other kids, they're not running around and getting the exercise that they need and there amping themselves to such a degree that they're really becoming sleep deficient cause they can't get to bed on time, because they're so jazzed up from all the electronics that they're doing.

So it's both what it does to and what it keeps you from doing. My tip for limiting technology in a child diet, their electronic diet would be, that you limit it to an hour a day on the school during the weekdays because they also going to do some computer work on the weekend you can allow about two hours, but I don't let any kid go near especially mine go near a electronic device until they paid for those minutes by exercising so they want to do an hour of duty, they have to show me that they've already exercised, and there is no rollover minutes, and also before a child goes to bed, have this little basket that you collect cellphones, ipods and all that kind of stuffs, and make sure there is no TV in the room and in an hour before they go to bed, just set the clock back, make sure they are engaging in any electronic devices.

Now children, like tweens, still need about 10 hours of sleep, so make sure they get between eight and 10 hours. The younger ones lean more towards the 10 and teens more towards the eight hours a day.