What Are Some Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Kids Will Eat?

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Healthy breakfast ideas and on the grab and go because I know parents were really, really busy in the morning but if you just went from 30 seconds to grab something out of a package warm it up in the microwave to taking two minutes, roll ups are my favorites because kids get to help you make it and you can make it in under two minutes or less.

You take a whole grain tortilla that's six and you put some type of nut butter. It could be almond butter, peanut butter even sunflower seed butter for those of you that have children that have a nut allergy. You open up a banana, put it right in the middle or you could even cut up apples or pears and sprinkle in a couple of those chocolate chips because kids we eat through that thing to get to that one remaining chocolate chip.

So a healthy breakfast needs a protein, a whole grain and a fruit to start the day off right.