What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Avocados?

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Well it turns out that avocados are one of what we call brain power foods that we use in our dietary recommendations to patients who not only want to preserve their brain health, but actually improve brain health. Avocados, I happen to have one here, are actually powerfully anti-inflammatory and by by the way when you choose your avocados always look for the organic label especially in foods that are high in fats, because fats tends to absorb bad things in the environment pesticides and things like that, so always choose organic.

And you know I'm talking about how important avocados and good fats are for the brain, but this goes for the entire body. All of the degenerative conditions that people fear the most are predicated on inflammation. Good fats reduce inflammation. We increase inflammation, when we have higher carbohydrates in our body and higher fats of the wrong kind.

The fats that are modified, so they'll have a longer shelf life, things that we call trans-fats are absolutely things that you want to stay away from.