How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Hbot) Work?

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A human brain represents only 5% of our total body weight, and yet at rest, the human brain consumes 20% of the energy that we require. And the utilization of energy in human physiology requires oxygen. Oxygen is what powers everyone of our cells. When patients develop a neurological condition like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or even when they've had multiple small strokes, or any number of conditions that lead the brain to degenerate with time, the brain's energy production, ability is compromised.

The cells are idling, their just not doing their job. When we supply high level levels of oxygen under pressure in a chamber called the hyperbaric chamber, we're able to bring back on line those cells that are functional but not functioning, and that leads to dramatic clinical improvements in a variety of neurologic conditions.

It's interesting to note that in Europe and in Asia, they're far ahead of us in terms of utilizing hyperbaric oxygen for neurological conditions. We've got our ways to go in the United States to catch up, but it's a very, very fascinating and powerful technology.