How Do Low-Glycemic Vegetables Protect and Promote Brain Health?

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So the basics of a grain brain program or a nutritional program designed to augment brain health and function and maker your brain resistent to disease is one that focuses mostly on eating vegetables, relegating the meat, the protein part, to being the side dish. These vegetables are low-glycemic they grow above the ground they're colorful and they include thing like spinach and cauliflower, broccoli, kale.

Colorful nutrient dense, fibre dense vegetables, that should be really the cornerstone of a brain enhancing diet, then again you want to make sure you're getting adequate amounts of fat but getting back to the vegetables. Even though something is a vegetable doesn't necessarily mean that it's a brain, a healthy choice are those vegetables that tend to grow below the ground or create products that're below the ground are a way that vegetable stores carbohydrate in a form of starch.

Things like potatoes, so favor above ground colorful, nutrient dense vegetables.