Are There Any Foods That Can Help Fight Alzheimer's Disease?

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In United States today, we have more than five and a half million Alzheimer's patients and truth be known it is an preventable disease, and as you might expect from the nature of this video today, foods play a critically important role. We now understand that for example wheat and patients who are gluten sensitive is strongly related to risk for becoming demented and developing cognitive failure.

So it's important I believe that every patient be screened for wheat sensitivity or what we call gluten sensitivity. Now this might sound a little bit difficult to get your arms around, but it turns out that dietary fats is a wonderful, wonderful thing to prevent Alzheimer's, it' good for your brain.

A human brain is more than 70% dry weight made from fat and as you would expect the brain is made from the fats that you eat, so eat a lot of fats. Eat good fats things like avocados, and coconut oil, and grass fed beef for example are all good things to eat. When people tend to avoid eating fat not only are they getting the wrong building blocks for their brains, but they are also not absorbing very important nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, and K.

So if I could leave you with one key nutritional point, it would be increase your dietary fat. It'll actually help you lose weight, and it's good for your brain.