What Foods Are Rich In Vitamin D?

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Vitamin D is one of those nutrients that you find mostly in animal foods as opposed to plants foods. So although there so many arguments for eating in mostly plant based diet and even an entirely plant based diet, it'd be hard to get enough vitamin D without supplementing if you did that, or without getting enough sun exposure.

The remarkable thing about vitamin D, is that you don't need it from food at all, if you getting out in the sun because our skin can manufacture it, and that's obviously quite normal. But when you're getting it from food, the single best place to get it, is fortified dairy products.

It was actually a public health intervention in the early days in the 20th Century, they put vitamin D into dairy products because at that it time there was epidermic rickets. Senseless serious condition of vitamin D deficiency in children, leading to stunting of growth. In addition to fortified dairy products, there are other products these days that are fortified with vitamin D more and more, many of those will spot announcements on the front of the package declaring that because it's kind of a darling nutrient of the day, and that we can also get vitamin D to some extent from meat and poultry and in particular, from fish.