Dr. David Katz - Cutting Calories

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I couldn't turn down the invitation from my friends at Share Care to share with you, one good idea about how best to cut down on calories. Right? Here it is. Trade up. The problem with advice about cutting calories is it's all about eating less. Well, people can do that while on a diet for six weeks but nobody wants to eat less per se for the rest of their lives because it means eating less than you want.

When you aren't eating there are a certain number of calories to begin with. You were eating until you felt satisfied. But here's the thing. There're many virtues to nutritious foods. One of the great virtues of nutritious foods is they help you fill up uncured calories. Now there's lots of evidence of these I'm afraid you have to put up with the dog barking in the background as well.

There's lots of evidence of these, but some of the best evidence that we have now, is courtesy of a nutrient profiling system that I have developed called New Balance in about 1700 super markets in 32 states coast to coast, and we've evidence that people using this system 1 to 100, the higher the number the more nutritious the food, have lost over a 100 pounds even over 200 pounds simply by trading up the quality of their groceries in every isle of the store.

If you don't happen to have the new system available to you not to worry. We have a free program online called nutrition detectives, which all these stills down to five clues that fit on our refrigerator magnate, and they can help you do the same job, but here's an example of one of the clues.

The shorter the ingredient list, the better, in every isle of the store, if you want to lose weight, you want to control calories, you can shop the salty shaker, you can eat chips, and people will say you can't, as far as I'm concerned, have a chip on their shoulders, but you want to choose better chips, and one of the easy ways to get there is a short ingredient list, stuff you can pronounce.

One of the many virtues of nutritious foods is it helps you fill up by fewer calories. Highly processed food is just the opposite. You know the [UNKNOWN] potato chip bet? That you can't eat just one? They weren't kidding around. Right? A lot of the processed foods supply has been designed to maximize the number of calories it takes to feel full.

All you need to do is simplify, move closer to nature, you can eat all the kinds of food you love but eat better versions of them, fill up on fewer calories and control quantity by improving quality. I believe we can all love food that loves us back.